Friday, 23 September 2011


Vapors was an independent, underground, Australian, Hip Hop magazine.  If there was a Hip Hop magazine that came out before it then I don't know about it.  I knew the man behind the magazine as Blaze through the Loungeroom & Next Level Records.
I bought my first copy after school at Disco City in Parramatta.  It was issue 5, December 1989 - the NWA issue.  In the pre-internet era this thing was a goldmine of information.  To this day I still seek out songs that were favorably reviewed within it's pages.
I went rummaging through boxes in my Mum's garage looking for them the other day.  When I found them I was surprised to see they had deteriorated.  The paper seems to be disintegrating or maybe it has been eaten by some insect?  I thought I'd start to scan and share them before they perish beyond salvageability.
I don't have all the issues.  If you have any copies of this awesome resource please get in touch.  I hope you will let me scan them and share them here.